Watch: Some Of The Most Expensive Shopping Streets In The World

The true confessions of a shopaholic!

I’m a fan of shopping for cheap things, be it clothes or books. Hence, as a broke college student, I minimised my shopping endeavours and only went to streets that sold clothes along the road so that I could buy them for the minimum rate. Branded streets were never an option.

When the pandemic started, all purchases became online. I could no longer go to commercial streets for food or clothes because social distancing had to be practised without fail.

According to Statista, sales through e-commerce in the US alone is expected to exceed 740 billion dollars by 2023.

Ever wonder what would happen to conventional shopping, the luxury of walking through a street full of branded shops, smelling and feeling items to find out whether you need them or not?

We have curated a list of not just plain, but some of the most expensive shopping streets from around the world that you can visit on your next world tour!

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These are from cities and locations that are well known for their opulence, richness and modernity.

Paris, London and Milan are some of the few reputed locations from which we have discovered classy shopping streets that comprise brands such as Ralph Lauren, Hermes and much more! So go ahead and watch the video to find out more.

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Sources: South China Morning Post, ICSC exchange, Business Tech + more

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