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2020 is nearing its end, and ever since it has started, it’s been showing us many unforeseen situations and concealed colours of life.

But the way it has remodelled the cinematic experiences for us is something that I am glad about the most.

It seems to me as if an entirely new era has emerged which is starting to mark an end to the culture of hero worship, more so among the youth of India and to make the script and method actors the real influencer for a movie or a web series.

To be honest, my words do not fall short when it comes to praise Bollywood films with scripts that hit the right chord and characters that appear as realistic and conventional. But, factually, this happens more on OTT platforms and less on the silver screen.

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Having said that, I’d proudly refer to the context of the changed priorities of visual art lovers. Today, actors gain recognition and profits owing to their characters and the script of the movie or series and not the other way round.

This is how it was always supposed to be even when it wasn’t.

The magic of the 70mm screen can never fade away. So, it will be a visual delight for us if they make way for the sort of lifelike pieces of cinematic craft that are celebrated these days instead of unrealistic and larger than life content.

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