Watch: Four Movies About Partition That Will Blow Your Mind

India’s freedom struggle is represented widely from cinema to public oration, but there has been silence about the exodus of partition. The partition based on the religious chants has divided and displaced the populace from Lahore to Calcutta.

The cries of raped women in the forests, children held on daggers, and natives thrown out from their “desh” (native land) still live as intergenerational trauma. There has been a conflict on both sides of the psychological borders, was partition the way to evade communal crisis or was it a propaganda of the political leaders?

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Cinema in multifarious still shots and narrative structure draws our attention to the intrinsic details. It creates cartography for the socio-economic-cultural process. The cinematic representation of partition palpably shows the trauma and loss inflicted upon the various opposing religious communities.

It lets us sympathize with the plights and makes us aware of the massacre from Marichjhapi to Batala. Here is a list of movies from Garam Hava to Pinjar which will blow your mind. 

Which movie has deeply impacted you?  

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