There is nothing more disheartening for a football fan than to see a goal being disallowed by his own team. Messi’s disallowed goal may well be a game-changing moment in the La Liga showdown.

Here are some of the famous disallowed goals in world football:

1. Manchester United vs Porto, 2004

Not many know about this Paul Scholes had a goal disallowed in this famous CL match which was a major boost to Porto’s CL dreams and ultimately as we all know it, Porto went on to the win the CL.

What if the goal was never disallowed? Had the ’Special One’ ever been famous then?

2. Portugal vs Spain, 2010

Nani ruined it all for the Madrid maniac. He had gone past the whole Spanish defense only to see his goal being disallowed because of naïve intervention by Nani.

It would definitely gone down as one of Ronaldo’s finest goals but has ended up being as one of his most famous disallowed goals.

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3. England vs Germany, 2010

This disallowed goal is a landmark in world football. The whole concept of goal-line technology came into existence after Frank Lampard’s goal was disallowed. If the goal had been allowed, It would have paved the way for a comeback which in reality never really happened.

4. Barcelona vs Valencia, 2017

This happened just a few days back when Messi’s goal was controversially disallowed which could be a game-changer as far as the fate of the league is concerned.

The difference between Barca and Madrid has shortened and with El Clasicos to come, these 2 points dropped might bear a huge significance.

5. Spurs vs United, 2005

Pedro Mendes, one of Spurs decorated midfielders scored with what should have been a child’s save for Ray Caroll, kicking the ball from way behind the halfway line.

The keeper, though hilariously spilled the ball into his own net and dived in to make a heroic effort to claw it out. The referee disallowed the goal though the replays cleared showed that it was a goal.

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