Since July 2005, PETA has been sending people to investigate zoos throughout India and have reported nothing but appallingly negligent conditions in which animals are kept. All basic facilities that a zoo should be diligently providing for, in terms of food, drinking water, veterinary care etc. were found to be extremely lacking.

Absolutely no care was being given to these animals, what with only a few and in some places no staff members being present. Visitors were seen unabashedly feeding, teasing and taunting animals with no reproachful eyes preventing their actions.

Moreover, how humane is it to keep wild animals in captivity, to breed them in captivity, and make them live in cramped, filthy cages and keeping them from doing all the things that come naturally to them, like running, leaping, flying and hunting?

Read on to find out more about the way these animals are treated and how its psychologically affecting them.

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What’s the point of going to a zoo? To look at these poor animals and to be able to make fun of them so we can feel better about ourselves? Is that it?

Because Human Zoos were a real thing too, you know. We, as the most intelligent creatures on this planet have been known to treat our own kind like savages.

It’s pathetic and a taint on humanity and honestly, I get that compassion is a concept lost on most of us but to those who understand, please stop encouraging and supporting these establishments. It’s the least you could do in the way of helping.

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