Watch: Snakes And Ladders, The Game Was Invented To Teach Children About Karma: Here’s How

Every Ludo board game comes with a Snakes And Ladders board. Here's the story of Snakes And Ladders.

Every Ludo board game comes with a Snakes And Ladders board attached to it. Once we complete a game of Ludo/ are tired of playing Ludo, we switch to the Snakes And Ladders.

Today, the game is purely based on luck, but did you know, that it was initially invented to focus on destiny? How, do you ask?

Over the years, the game has somehow lost its essence. What I mean is, originally, the game was a better version of itself than it is now.

Do you still love the game? I do too, but you’ll love this older version better:

Watch this video to know:

The ‘Snakes And Ladders’ was actually founded by an Indian saint, Gyandev, in the 13th century.

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Originally, the game had more snakes than ladders, to represent that it is more difficult to walk on the path of goodness than on the path of evil.

Wonderful game, isn’t it?

Do remember this wonderful information the next time you play Snakes And Ladders, or maybe, make the older version yourself on a piece of cardboard and have more fun!

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