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8 Board Games That Make You Smarter


Games have always been considered to be a form of entertainment and nothing more. But anyone who knows anything about board games will definitely tell you that apart from being fun, they rack your brain and make you think, thus making your brain sharper.

Here are 8 such games and fret not, for most of these are available as a digital version, enabling you to play them on your phone, even without a partner.

1. Chess

Who doesn’t know chess? A two-player strategy game, Chess is one of the classics when it comes to board games. It involves a good deal of analytical and logical skills, and to be even an average player takes a lot of concentration and practice.


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2. Ticket To Ride

An interesting game where you try and connect cities on the board with the help of a network of railways, Ticket To Ride may seem simple at first but involves a lot of strategizing.

You can hone your logical and manipulative skills by applying various strategies to cross your opponent’s network and garner the maximum score in order to win, learning some geography in the process!


3. Monopoly

You sure must have played Monopoly when you were younger, deriving pleasure out of your friend’s lost money or business. Although this game involves a considerable amount of luck, you can improve your strategy when it comes to decisions regarding money or merging with another business.


4. A Game Of Thrones

Even though it is named after the popular fantasy novel by George R.R. Martin, you do not need to read the books or watch the TV show to play this game. The rule is simple: the player who captures the maximum board space wins the Iron Throne!


5. Scrabble

Ah, the good ol’ scrabble, one of the favourites of a lot of people interested in board games! It is one of the most widely played games and has a large number of versions, one of the most popular being Words with Friends by Zynga (online). Needless to say, in addition to improving strategy, it improves your vocabulary too.


6. Snakes And Ladders

Even though a good deal of this game depends on luck, it helps you test your behavior in times of crisis. In this game, you will find yourself going down several steps for no reason other than an unlucky roll of dice, but that’s how life is sometimes, right?


7. Checkers

Remember the time you had a Chess and Checkers set, and even though you played the good ol’ Chess away, you had no idea what to do when you flipped the board? There are many versions of Checkers, involving two players and diagonal movements on the board, and it is one of the most challenging board games.


8. Diplomacy

Based on the pre World War I Europe, this game involves logical and diplomatic skills as you need to try and negotiate your nation to the top by using your intellectual faculties and addressing your need by angering the other nations.


Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

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