Watch: Places Around The World That Are Famous For Cherry Blossoms Apart From Japan

Sakura all around!

Springtime refers to the season of growth, rejuvenation, renewal, and irrespective of where one lives, they experience Spring. In some places, it’s more prominent and evident than others.

Cherry blossoms have become a worldwide symbol of the changing seasons. They are vibrant pink and white flowers which are most often known as aboriginal flowers of Japan, but many people aren’t aware of the fact that they have dispersed into different parts of the world.

These flowers are so vibrant and mesmerizing that they can brighten up any city, unfortunately, they are so delicate that they only last around two weeks before their petals start to fall.

These flowers have recently become a social media trend and for reason one may not argue. Since these flowers are all over our Instagram feed, with influencers posing in front of these beautiful trees, you must be curious where else they are found other than Japan.

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So, here is a list below of places around the world apart from Japan where you will find sakura trees. And if you happen to visit or live near these places do not waste another minute staring at your phones and pay a visit to these cities, where you may find sakura flourishing.

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