Watch: Patriotic Movies From Bollywood That Steer Away From Blatant Jingoism

Time for Bollywood to do away with jingoism for good!

Bollywood is sparsely known to produce patriotic movies that aren’t ingrained in the archaic notions of aggressive nationalism. However, when the industry does produce cinema that strives to go beyond the ordinary, they play the ball out of the park.

The movies in question provide us with a realistic lens that enables its viewers to look upon the situation unfold without an iota of bias and to recognize the true scourge of our society. The entire objective of jingoistic, chest-thumping nationalism is well and truly brought to a standstill with these movies as rationality plays the lead role. 

To recognize a human for humanity’s sake is and should be the modus operandi for our enemy stays the same. The following movies stated in the video speaks of those enemies that we should actually target rather than be blinded by jingoism that compels us to hate our fellow man.

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The fact that stands and shall stand throughout millennia is that hatred only brings about hatred. It does not provide anybody with any form of a solution in the faintest of forms. In a time where chaos unfolds on each crevice of our world, it is essential to not be blinded by hate.

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