Watch: Nude Beaches In India

In India, the law does not allow any person to be completely nude in public spaces. It is, needless to say, considered obscene and inappropriate. But, you’d be happy to hear that there are certain nude beaches in India where you can do so and get suntanned.

In a Hollywood movie, it is pretty common to watch beach scenes where people are enjoying the vacation and the sun with no clothes on.

Who thought that you don’t need to take a trip abroad in order to do so since the nude beaches mentioned in the video allow you to get suntanned on the beach without any clothes as water comes crashing down to the shores.

Watch the complete video to get to know more about them:

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How many of these beaches have you visited already? If none, then make sure that they are on your bucket list as the experience of enjoying the seaside with no clothes on can be quite exotic.

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