Watch: This Village In South India Receives Snowfall Despite Beachy Weather

This phenomenal village in Andhra Pradesh receives snowfall and would seem like something out of a mystical fairy tale. The place is situated 1025 metres above sea level in Arakku Valley near Vishakhapatnam.

The little village in South India is wrapped in mist and has pleasant weather all year round. It has a lot more to offer than just snow and mists.

And if you can’t decide between beaches and hills then your next trip to South India can be the combination of both saving you the struggles of making a decision.

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Take a look at the village with the weather anomaly:

One of the reasons for such breath-taking views is that it has been untouched by industrialization until now. Hopefully, the newfound attraction wouldn’t be the cause of the destruction of nature there.

Image credits: Google Images

Sources: Tripoto, Times of India, India Today

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