Watch: Notorious Serial Killers And Their Weird Fetishes

Serial killers have always been a beacon of terror and yet they’re quite intriguing. Nobody knows the reason behind their murderous nature or what triggers them to commit such heinous acts in the first place.

Most of the serial killers that we have ever known commit crimes on the ground of feeding their animalistic impulses. Be it the famous Stoneman who went on a murder spree during the 1980s or the Chessboard killer during the 1990s.

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However, there are certain malicious serial killers who commit sins to satisfy their weirds and horrifying fetishes. Let’s have a look at some of the most terrifying serial killers and their weird fetishes in this video.

Hence, let us know in your comments if there’s any other weird stuff that you know about serial killers and above all, stay safe!

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Sources: Psychology Today, Crime Traveler

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