Watch: Not All Those Who Bleed Are Women, Other People May Menstruate Too

Blood, bloating, cramps, pads, tampons and painkillers, all these words are often associated with periods and women.

It can be difficult to separate periods and women, I mean I know, women experience the satanic blood fall each month, but is it just them?

Are women the only ones who menstruate?

It might be strange to acknowledge it at first but it is not just women who get their periods, other people get periods too. Contrary to the popular belief, not everyone who gets their period is a woman and not all women get their periods.

Transgender, Non-Binary and Intersex people menstruate too.

These people get their periods too.

In some cases, they may not bleed but experience the symptoms like bloating, cramping, and PMS during that time of the month.

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Watch the video below to know about people other than women who menstruate and why menstruation does not translate into womanhood.

Sources: People, Knixteen

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