Watch: These Miya (Muslim) Poets Are Being Seen As A Threat To National Security For Writing Poems On NRC & Their Plight

What is the upheaval created by poems written by Miya poets?

An FIR was registered with the Assam police on 12th July against Ahmed, who is considered to be a Miya Poet.

It claimed that the poems written by Miya poets “are creating an image of our state as a barbarian state in the eyes of the world which is a threat to the security of the Nation in general and Assam in particular….. The accused person’s intention is to depict a picture of Assamese people as xenophobic in the eyes of the whole world, which is a serious threat to the Assamese people, as well as, towards the national security and harmonious social atmosphere.”

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One of the poems:

Write Down
I am a Miya
My serial number in the NRC is 200543
I have two children
Another is coming
Next summer.
Will you hate him
As you hate me?

Here, the poet is trying to claim his identity. These Muslim Assamese of Bengal origin for generations have been trying to hide their identity through claiming their language as Assamese. However, it seems like they are no longer ready to live in fear.  

Their poems are reported to be published on Facebook by the respective poets. However, we are not sure of this information.

India is no longer a democracy if people are not free to write poems or express their opposition.

Miya poetry has been seen as a threat to state and national security whereas it is just a form of art to express one’s opinion.

Source: ToI, Scroll, The Quint

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