Watch: Jobs That Will Either Be Gone Or Struggle To Survive In The Next 10 Years

The 21st century is the era of technology. We are living in a data-driven and content-obsessed society, with AI taking over a bunch of things. From Alexa to every smartphone app, technology is carrying out the jobs which were carried out by humans entirely. With this disruption, there are jobs that will struggle to survive in the next 10 years due to takeover by technology.

Even today, when you look around you can observe changes for yourself. You must remember going to a travel agency in your childhood to plan a family trip. But have you, in the past 5 years, went there or heard anyone in your circle pay a visit to a travel agency? No, right?

This is because you can book your trips from your home, thanks to the internet. And it was just one example. There are so many other jobs that are at the risk of being lost to tech. Here is the video:

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There are other jobs like typist, bookkeeper, legal secretary, computer operator, that would struggle to survive in the years to come.

In fact, jobs that require physical labour like hand-grinding and polishing workers and workers in metallurgy (metal pourers and casters, to be precise) would also be endangered as the repetitive share of their jobs would be done by robots.

You may not see postmasters on the streets anymore as the physical delivery of posts keeps decreasing.

Hence, it is important that from the very initial years, you take up a career that is here to stay for a long time. With many entry-level jobs are in danger, having a clear roadmap becomes all the more important.

Sources: CNBC, Forbes, Business Insider

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