October 26: When it comes to beautiful, glowing skin, there are some measures one should add to the skincare routine. However, including a new skincare product into the skincare or beauty habit can be intimidating and difficult, particularly for those with sensitive skin kinds.

Hence, it is necessary to assess both the products and goals before you try with new products. Arthi Raguram, founder, Deyga Organics, shared a few points that one should keep in mind before adding any new product to your routine.

1) Introduce 1 product at a point to observe its impact on the skin. Separate any new addition by serving for at least a month before examining the effects. Adding more than one product with active ingredients can be overwhelming for the skin and might lead to a reaction. Furthermore, it would be hard to understand which product serves the skin since, balance the energy and take it slow.

2) Do spot test: No matter what the skin kind is, always do a patch test initial. Products with active components can make a reaction or worsen the skin issue. Understanding guidance, labels, or reviews is not sufficient to limit the impact of the product on the skin. Use a small quantity of product on a less noticeable area like the inner joint and set for 24 hours to monitor for a result. If there is a burning feeling, then the product is not for skin type.

3) Practice in the right direction: Always use products from lightest to thickest to ensure that the product is completely consumed in the skin. Usually, the best method for skincare is a cleanser, toner, serum (water-based), spot treatment, moisturizer, sunscreen/night cream. Applying a serum after using a heavy moisturizer might not give you wanted outcomes.

4) Things to keep in mind while trying a new product: Sometimes, the skin might require time to become set to a new product; therefore, it might endure breakouts after applying products with active ingredients. But a potential breakout should be small, and if the difficulty remains, stop applying the product. Also, have the patience to recognize the wanted outcomes as the skin needs time to show fresh new skin, reducing dead skin cells and dust.

There are several beauty brands that give product samples to consumers to examine for compatibility. Begin with samples before engaging to avoid any reaction and save money. 



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