A couple of years ago, my history teacher told me, “You can never truly hate a person. If you think closely, you will realise that you only dislike them… Hatred is a big word.”

Her words echo in my head till date. After several blows from satanic human beings, I manage to keep my sanity intact and satiate my hurt self with mere dislike of them all, and not hating them. 

And this is why hating people gets a thumbs down from my side:

Hate Is Self-Destructive:

As mentioned earlier, hate is a hefty and powerful emotion. Hating somebody means disliking them with every fibre of your being, or a loathing so strong that doesn’t let your head or heart rest.

That, for sure will take a huge toll on your own health – causing high stress, high BP, headaches etc. So why compromise on your health for people who don’t matter at all?

It Occupies Your Memory Unnecessarily:

Hating takes immense mental efforts too. You always need to keep your senses alert and updated that “Oh, I need to hate this person.”

This voluntary effort you put in to hate the other person always keeps you on the edge and eventually occupies the central space in your mind, pushing out other consequential things out of your focus. Daily chores and more important issues start slipping out of your mind often.

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You Needn’t Dwell Upon Morons:

Shakespeare said very rightly –“Love me or hate me, both are in my favour. If you love me, I’ll always be in your heart… If you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind.” How stunningly apt these words are even after hundreds of years!

Love and hate both occupy a significant amount of space in our mind and heart, both equally paramount and demanding in terms of attention. Just as loving someone keeps them as the focal point of your attention, hating also makes sure you constantly have that unwanted specimen in your mind.

Free Yourself:

All in all, hate is an arduous job, and you absolutely need not spend so much time or energy on the one who didn’t give much botheration to you or your feelings. The best you can do is kick them out of your head, heart and life and begin anew.

Of course, easier said than done; but really, you need to free yourself from their burdensome thoughts and the idea of plotting against them or simply hating them; because trust me, Karma would teach them a better lesson than you ever could!

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