Watch: Controversial Advertisements That Were Too Raunchy For Indian Audiences

These ads were definitely too hot to handle!

Before OTT platforms took over the digital sphere, advertisements played a huge role in our TV viewing experience.

All of us have definitely cribbed over 15 minutes worth of advertisements between the run of a 20-minute long show. But, these advertisements clearly made a place for themselves.

Advertisements come in all forms – they have genres, they have themes, they even have a disclaimer for suitable audiences! It is definitely weird to watch an advertisement for a condom while you are watching TV with your entire family!

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Television has largely been a big part of families and an activity that Indian families pursue together. Here are a few advertisements that were banned because they were considered to be too raunchy for Indian families.

While many of these are controversial for sure, its surprising that the network just banned them. Censorship and Indian society have had tussles for quite some time now, and while not all these advertisements can be said to be created with a lighter mind, they surely didn’t anticipate a reaction like this.

If you know of any more advertisements that could be a part of this list, let us know by commenting below.

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Sources: Daily Hunt, Economic Times, MensXP

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