Watch: Amazing Transformation Of A Filthy Dumpyard In Coonoor Into A Beautiful Garden

A journey from filth to flowers!

Our government has been actively criticized for its inefficiency in devising a proper waste management system. The failure is clearly visible when you go on a long drive and come across at least one, if not many, dump yard which completely spoils the mood.

The residents of Ottuparai, a small town in Tamil Nadu’s Coonoor, were going through a similar ordeal until last year. They were irked by the area’s dump yard which was a major source of pollution in the city.

However, their pleas went unheard by the municipal corporation workers who set fire to the garbage rather than segregating the waste. It burnt with an awful stench and emitted toxic fumes, directly affecting the health of people.

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Then last year, an NGO called Clean Coonoor took up the initiative to clean the local river and transform the dump yard into a waste management park.

This deed by Clean Coonoor has proved that efficient waste management is not a mirage. With dedicated efforts and a little help from us, it is certainly achievable.

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Sources: The Hindu, Times of India, Clean

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