Watch: 7 Indian Dishes That Are Not Indian

India is lauded all over the world for its rich diversity and delicious food. All the battles fought over the centuries have gifted our country a lively blend of cultures, majorly Persian, British, Mughal, and Portuguese. A depiction of this blend can be seen in our favourite food items too.

Food is our choicest guilty pleasure, and it is also the one common thing that binds us all together. But have we thought about where our favourite dishes came from? 

Over the centuries, India fought many battles and was ruled by a great many emperors. During the reign of these rulers, our food went through major changes. Chefs from all around the world came to India with new recipes and ingredients, and that reshaped the food we eat today.

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Some of our favourite Indian foods are recreations of famous recipes from different cultures. 

Here are 7 Indian dishes that we all thought were created by us but were rather a gift from different cultures around the world.

The origin of which Indian food amazed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

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