Watch: 5 Celebrities And Their Inspiring ‘Letter To Self’

When we look at successful people we often forget that they were once the same as all of us. They were too, young and confused. They might have made the same mistakes as some of you.

They learned as they grew, they fell on the ground then got up and started anew.

A ‘Letter to younger self’ is a way to introspect for the writer, to look back and remember the roots and their struggles, to be reassured in their present, or to get some closure for the child in them.

For most of us, celebrities and famous people become our idols, we look up to them, we wish to achieve as much greatness as they did. Isn’t it intriguing to know how these famous people were doing when they were younger? Or what advice they would give to their younger self?

Some of the celebrities have penned down a letter to their younger self, giving their past self some advice, some reassurance, or some instruction.

They might find peace with the life they have lived when they pen down from their memories but for their admirers, their letters are a source of inspiration.

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“A lesson you will have to learn again and again: to see yourself with your own eyes, to love yourself from your own heart,” wrote Oprah to her younger self who was busy trying to please others. Oprah, now as we know her was once like millions of us, and reading her letter might just give perspective to some.

Stan Lee’s letter, on the other hand, taught us to have faith in ourselves and keep going as time changes, because nothing stays the same.

“Bear this in mind, my impulsive 16-year-old self — nothing ever stays the same. Tastes change and the culture changes,” said Stanley to his younger self who wanted to become a novelist but became a comic artist instead during the time when comic books weren’t respected.

These are just some excerpts from their letters, watch the video to know more:

These few celebrities and their ‘letter to self’ gives us an insight into life, inspiring us to do better.

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