Watch: 5 Basic Laws And Rights Every Indian Must Know

Law is a set of rules and regulations which are enforced by a social or government institution to keep a large body in a state of smooth cohabitation. It has been simultaneously described as an art and a science.

In a country like India, laws are formulated and passed keeping in mind the diversity and secularity of the country. The legal system of India safeguards the fundamental rights of individuals from every stratum of society and class.

Yet, a layman often is unaware of the basic rights they have and are taken advantage of by people in authority. Here are a few laws and rights that can safeguard your interest in times of distress.

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There are two realms that make up the application of the law. Public law, which includes criminal law, administrative law, and constitutional law, is concerned with the government and society. Private law handles judicial conflicts involving one person or group of people in areas including contracts, property, torts/delicts, and business law.

Did you know these? Let us know about more laws that you think should be more widespread.

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