TechWeek is IEEE NSUT’s premier annual event, featuring a range of activities including HackNSUT (one of India’s largest hackathons), coding contests, frontend challenges, photography contests, and Robowars.

The event also includes networking and personal growth opportunities, such as speaker sessions, workshops, and fun activities like trading contests, cryptic hunts, and cultural nights. With a diverse and high-quality audience of students and professionals from top universities and companies, makes it an event to cherish. 

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IEEE NSUT is delighted to announce their flagship event TechWeek ’23 from 8th – 12th February 2023. TechWeek will be held in offline mode at the Netaji Subhash University Of Technology,  Dwarka Sector-3, Delhi, 110078.

Prepare yourself for an action-packed week of events. Do not miss this perfect opportunity to network with like-minded people and extend your horizons. Prepare for a week filled with creativity, tech and innovation!

  • Events conducted under TechWEEK’23:
  1. HackNSUT’23:

The most vibrant highlight of the TechWeek will be their annual flagship Hackathon HackNSUT’23

HackNSUT is a fraternity of programmers, developers and hackers aimed primarily at addressing real-life problems, brainstorming innovative ideas and implementing ingenious solutions into working prototypes. Get the opportunity to compete and interact with some of the greatest minds of our nation at this event! So don’t forget to mark your calendars!

Join for one of North India’s largest hackathons, taking place on the 11th and 12th of February 2023.

  1. Technical Blog writing

Unleash your technical expertise and creative writing skills in this exciting competition! Write a compelling blog on a topic such as web development, app development, or blockchain, and have it featured on the official website or social media platforms. The blog with the most likes will be selected for recognition, providing a unique opportunity for students to showcase their talents and gain recognition for their hard work.

  1. Coding contest:

“Make it work, make it right, make it fast”

One of the aims for this event is to foster learning and growth among people who are passionate about programming through healthy competition and knowledge sharing.

A coding contest would be organized where the coding and problem-solving skills of the participants are going to be analyzed under various different criteria and the shortlisted participants will be rewarded with exciting prizes!

  1. Frontend Challenge:

Web Development is one of the most coveted fields in today’s tech-savvy world. A front-end developer deals with the website’s aesthetic elements and makes it attractive as well as visually appealing!

Hence, this challenge would primarily focus on testing the coding and designing skills of students. The TechWeek’23 team will provide the required content for a website and students have to design the components for the same, and the best-designed web page would be awarded and appreciated.

  1. Robowar:

RoboWars is set to be a highly-anticipated event among robotics enthusiasts and students. The event will feature an arena where robots, outfitted with a range of weapons and hardware, will battle against each other.

The goal is to destroy or incapacitate the opposing robot in order to be declared the winner. It will be a great platform for the students to showcase their robotics knowledge and skills and to learn new things.

  1. Stratazenith: 

A strategy case competition would be organized that will test the knowledge of participants about strategy, marketing, and finance!

Be a part of the thrilling competition, where participants will put their critical thinking and strategic skills to the test in order to come out victorious.

  1. Photography contest:

A contest for budding photographers to showcase their photography skills in a unique manner and to provide them with a passionate and supportive environment. 

  1. Cryptic hunt:

It is a treasure hunt filled with mind-throbbing puzzles and riddles where the participants will get to showcase their problem-solving and detective skills live!

  1. Blockchain workshop:

Creating a token on Polygon can be challenging, but with the right tools, techniques, and guidance, it can be easily manageable. To assist with this process, a workshop will be held to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of blockchain and web3.

  1. Designathon: 

“Design is not just about making things, it’s about making things better.”

Design-A-Thon is a unique opportunity for aspiring and novice designers to showcase their talents and push their creative boundaries. Explore your ideas and demonstrate your design skills through a project based on the given themes. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this event will challenge you to think outside the box to create something truly memorable.

  1. Quiz:

“A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human”

While ChatGPT is leaving no stone unturned to be called ‘intelligent’, you can’t afford to stay behind!

A quiz would be conducted involving several questions from various domains and fields and the highest score achiever would be selected as the winner of the quiz.

Quizomania is an exhilarating Tech Quiz as a part of TechWeek 2023. 

Valuable Speakers which will be present during the events and contributing towards their successful conduction:

  • HackNSUT 2023: Aditya Thakur, Shubhangi Gupta, Ayon Roy, Urvi Goel, Yajas Sardana, Saumya Singh and Deekshita Verma
  • HoverRobotix: CEO Dr. Munish Jindal and Co-founder Dr. Nancy Juneja
  • IEEE sessions: Hemang Sinha (SDE @ GroMo) and Sharone Verma (Data Engineering specialist @ GE)
  • Metvy: Shawrya Mehrotra (Founder & CEO of Metvy)
  • The Education Tree: Kriti Singhal (Co-founder @ The Education Tree and Young Leaders creating a better world for all awardee)
  • Humour-Fest: Madhur Virli
  • Creators Session: Prayush Rai, Yash Garg, Shradha Khapra
  • IEEE Chapter sessions: Daman Dev Sood (IEEE DELHI SECTION CS CHAPTER CHAIR)


TechWeek is going to be a massive event conducted by IEEE NSUT, consisting of technical events followed by a series of cultural events. The events will be coming up with massive prize pools up for grabs to generate interest among the participating students towards technical domains such as Programming, Development, Robotics etc. along with excellent networking opportunities and amusement throughout the TechWeek by conducting several cultural events alongside.

By attending these events and accomplishing speaker sessions, participants will be getting a really vibrant exposure to Technical Events which would help them a lot in their learning as well as in their overall development.

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