The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Challenge by E-Cell NIT Silchar calls, for an inter-branch competition to network, learn, and grow with bold ideas and innovation.

The events are going to take place from 3rd to 5th February and are estimated to have about 500+ participants and 4000+ spectators. It will be really educational for both the participants and the viewers, and they will gain valuable knowledge and experience.

The participants have shown great zeal and enthusiasm, and they will make it a memorable event. Overall, the team anticipates strong participation and responses from the student community.

Following are the events to be hosted at the EIC:

  1. Shark Tank Simulation – A recreation of Shark Tank, where students will pitch their products to a panel of investors.
  2. Marketing Contest: One of the most essential aspects of operating a business is marketing. Marketing efforts such as advertising, public relations and social media help create a positive image of the company and attract customers.

EIC is organising a marketing contest to test marketing skills and showcase the importance of marketing in the success of a startup.

  1. Pitch your Innovation: The superior skill of an entrepreneur lies in the art of pitching the product or service they provide, to attract the investor’s money.

To inculcate and unveil this skill within you, E-cell NIT Silchar brings PITCH YOUR INNOVATION.

  1. Buzzer Quiz: A quiz competition to get the adrenaline rushing and your reflexes working. A biz-tech that would eventually challenge the knowledge of the students of the business world

The events will take place in the startup centre at E-cell NIT Silchar. The branch societies would be representing their respective branch and would compete against each other over various events for some handsome prizes.

The event would begin on the 3rd of February with the inauguration in the Bhupen Hazarika Auditorium at NIT Silchar in presence of esteemed dignitaries and conclude on the 5th of February after two days of high enthusiasm and fierce competition.

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