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Companionship is a fact of life that human beings are programmed to crave from the very moment they are dropped onto the Earth’s rocky crust. The moment a certain obstacle comes between a person and their companion, they may turn to extremely unlikely solutions to tackle the issue at hand.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. However, even invention goes for a hike when human beings start to feel the pangs of desperation. 

It may all seem like mere hearsay concerning the pandemic or the twang of general romanticism, but the numbers don’t lie. Thus, we take a look into what other such millennials think about the recent marriage trends. 

To be fair to them, nobody could have seen this coming and especially not when we have two 20 year olds get betrothed so its mostly out of shock that these millennials write down their thoughts. It’s a blast.

Hence, we asked them the question.

Are Millennials Getting Married Out Of Boredom And Cheaper Rates During The Pandemic?

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Come to think of it, there’s no bar on getting married, and quite rightly, there should exist no bar at falling in love. However, it would be advisable to finish up with your education before taking such a step, but as it goes, love is deaf, love is blind, and love is dumb.

Before I forget, happy marriage to the millennials planning!

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