After reading numerous business and entrepreneurship articles and blogs online, I couldn’t help but notice how almost every article out there has glorified the concept of quitting one’s day job. I am not an “anti-day job” person in the least.

On the other hand, I really don’t mind a person working for someone else full time as long as they are happy. 

I do see a few merits of working for someone else versus being your own boss. Millennials want fast but steady income which is not always possible. As there is a lot of anti-day job sentiment out there, I thought, I might pitch in a few pros and cons of working a day job versus running your own business. Here it goes: 

Pros Of Working A Day Job 

One thing that all individuals look for is financial stability, that is what a full-time job offers. A person is provided with a fixed salary on a monthly basis. They follow a schedule with specific working hours, which means no late-night calls to swap shifts or last-minute changes in the timetable.

They can easily plan their day around the fixed schedule. For some, this may be a boring, monotonous way to live, but in the end, this offers stability. 

Day job

When working for someone else, one can fully relax when they are on leave, meaning no workload or office calls when on vacation. 

Got office friends

Other perks include insurance of different kinds, bonuses, a consistent paycheck, and a whole bunch of coworkers to hang out with. 

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Cons Of It 

There is a flip side to this. Relying completely on your day job as an only source of income is not advisable either. Take this pandemic as an example—so many people had to face layoffs.

It was so unpredictable that they were receiving a steady income with benefits one day, and then the next day they had no work.   


Pretty stressful 

This is the reality of any day job, people can be laid off at any time. They are completely at the mercy of their bosses. They have very little control over their situation, and things can go from good to really bad at the flip of a switch.  

Pros Of Self-Employment

The best part of having their own business is the potential money that can be made. It’s not like a day job where no matter how much a person busts his ass, the number of zeros in his salary is going to be the same. But in business, one can reap 100% of the labor they put in. 

All the profits are yours

It helps one learn how to sell and make money independently without much help from a robust company infrastructure. A nice by-product of this will be the boost in confidence and self-esteem one gets by seeing their business boom. 

Set your own business hours

A plus to this is, there is no schedule. They can set their own shifts. Want to catch up with a few episodes of their series, spend some extra family time, or go out drinking at 10 A.M on a Tuesday. Go ahead- you are the boss!

Be your own boss!

Cons Of Owning Your Own Business

Now that the good things of running your own business are done, here is the sucky part. They are always on your phone, constantly checking up on customers or their employees. Even on vacation, the temptation to check up on sales is never really gone. 

No vacation leave

Not letting the business run their life can be the hardest part. Under self-employment, there is always a struggle in creating a balance between having a comfortable lifestyle and earning more profits, which can be pretty stressful at times. 

There are always gonna be pros and cons to everything. In the end, the only thing that matters is doing something that makes you happy.

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