Everyone at this point know that Koffee With Karan show is more of a guilty pleasure, where Indian celebrities come, say stuff, some drama comes out of it all, controversial stuff is said and we audiences get major entertainment.

Maybe there was some charm to the show when it first came out, since the concept of someone from inside the industry brought all his other famous friends and we common folk got an inside peek into their dynamics and some secrets revealed.

However, all that has just gone down season by season and at this point its no different from say a BiggBoss episode or something.

Recently season 7 of the show came out and in the latest episode Varun Dhawan and Anil Kapoor came on as guests. But the episode did not give as much good entertainment, in fact made people cringe and roll their eyes.

Varun Dhawan, Anil Kapoor Trolled

Varun Dhawan and Anil Kapoor spoke about marriage, infidelity, role-playing, and much more and at one point even took callers who shared marital or relationship problems and the two actors played as marriage gurus for them. One caller asked for advice on how to spice up his sex life from Anil Kapoor, to this Dhawan said the person should take ashwagandha and try to make love at least three times a week.

According to reports, Dhawan also in several statements used the phrase ‘my wife and my dog’ to the point where it almost seemed to be putting the two on the same place. There was also a lot of misogyny and sexism shown by the trio along with Anil-Varun making certain statements on nepotism that sounded distasteful.

The sex advice segment frankly came across as extremely inappropriate to many of the audience members. Of course, they took to social media and trolled the two actors for whatever they said.

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Overall, it seemed people didn’t really seem to be enjoying the episode or the cringey humour as much as the creators would have thought they would.

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