On the occasion of International Men’s Day, the Vagina Museum used a unique way to celebrate the day. They took to Twitter to post a series of tweets that explained that all the female reproductive parts are named after men. In fact, they claimed that not even a single part of the gynecological anatomy was named after women.

The Tweet 

The tweet begins by mentioning the origin of the name “Fallopian tubes”. They are named after Gabriele Falloppio. “GABRIELE FALLOPPIO (circa 1522-1562) is the namesake of the Fallopian tubes, the tubes between the ovaries and the uterus. You can also call them the ovarian tubes or uterine tubes,” the tweet read.  

Talking about the discovery of the name “clitoris” the tweet read, “Falloppio found himself caught up in a row with fellow anatomist Realdo Colombo about who had discovered the clitoris (in fact, neither of them had), which raged for years after both men had died.”

Next up, Bartholin’s glands or the greater vestibular glands got their name from Caspar Bartholin the Younger, who was a scientist. The tweet claims that the discovery of the glands is sometimes, by mistake, credited to his grandfather, Caspar Bartholin the Elder.

“ERNST GRÄFENBERG (1881-1957) is the namesake of the G-spot, the sensitive spot on the front wall of the vagina. The G-spot isn’t a true anatomical feature – some people feel it and some don’t. It’s where the urethra meets the crura and bulbs of the clitoris,” the tweet read.

Similarly as mentioned above, they have tweeted about every female reproductive part and the people after whom the names were kept.  

Here’s How People Reacted

Soon after the tweet went viral, people were quick to comment. One user wrote, “I am uncomfy with how my genitals are named by only men…”

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“Such great intelligent men and women worldwide should thank them for their discoveries”, wrote another user. Another user said, “Such great intelligent men and women worldwide should thank them for their discoveries.”  

Another user said, “No parts of the female reproductive system are named after a woman but PLENTY are named after men and it doesn’t sit right in my heart. My fallopian tubes are now called Sarah and Susan respectively.”

About The Vagina Museum 

The Vagina Museum is the world’s first bricks-and-mortar museum dedicated to the vagina, vulvas, and gynae anatomy and is based in London. They got the idea to build the museum after finding out that there’s a penis museum in Iceland, but no vagina museum. So, to rectify this, they made one. 

The project started in 2017 and organised numerous events and exhibitions. The first permanent premises was opened in 2019 in Camden Market followed by the second premise in Bethnal Green that started in 2022. 

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