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Towards the better we drift


By Avantika Seth

No, I’m not talking about the overemphasized ‘Party time’ in college (O yeah! You pronounced it the typical way), College life makes you a bit more open, unreserved and gets you ready for the real challenging life! 

Just after the deadly boards get over another anxiety takes a toll on your mind, isn’t it? So how many hours of the day you spend in picturing the college of your dreams or perhaps just praying for the existence of some college that would take you in? The word ‘C.O.L.L.E.G.E.’ itself has the power to grip your mind and leave you full of imagination of what your life would be ahead. And if you’re a Bollywood fan or something then I would surely like to come to your rescue. For I’d like to tell you that this place is not just the one where you might find the partner of your dreams but a place that’ll make you admire yourself on day. It’s much beyond what you think it to be and sometimes maybe much less than what you want it to be. Whatever and however a college turns out to be, it will make you feel lucky to have had a chance to live it!

For a small town person the capital has always been fascinating! I’m sure that’s what would have pushed you towards Delhi University besides just the ranking it holds in India. Being in the last year of my college days I’m forced to have a look at what all just passed by these years every night. No idea if it happens with you but for me, I feel like holding on the time for quite some time.

imageI just happened to reminisce my first day at college, yeah, something totally different from school. The ‘cool’ lot, the ‘wannabe’ lot, the ‘friendly’ lot, the fashionable’ lot and what not! With all the reservations and apprehensions in mind, I formed an image of what it’s going to be to stay away from home and be a part of some college and deal with the different ‘lots’ every day.

Recalling this, I can’t stop laughing at the thought process I was going through at that time. I’m sure it was not just me; you too felt it on the first very day. I’m surer of the fact that we’ll also agree on what we feel today, today when we’ll talk about all that happened after the big apprehension day.

I today feel that not only did the exposure of being in a good college give me the chance to get detoxicated of all the reservations I had in mind, rather it has made me bold enough to form strong opinions of myself, people and the society. The campus has taught me to live away from my place and still live. A thousand children like me today are taking full responsibility of themselves and their people around and that’s not because something just makes them do this, it’s because college life makes them meet reality and truly unfolds their stature making them more aware of their responsibilities and duties.

Leaving college now makes me feel what change I’ve undergone as a human being. I know this doesn’t just go for me but for every student in the campus striving each day to become more competitive and better. College is not just about the fun you’ve had while sitting in the canteen and having samosas, it’s also about the priorities running constantly at the back of your head of what all you’ve to do. Three or four years of your college life are enough to develop you as a determined and aspiring human being.

The fact that there is no restriction in college days is no more a bane for students. It’s also a medium to make a personality grow and identify the priorities and choices that one makes. When people make choices out of several options available two things happen, either they feel proud of it and in return it boosts their confidence or they learn about the better choice they missed! A college is all about choices and opinions. You’ll find a variety of students ranging from those carrying backpacks to those who wear nothing less than Versace. You’ll find girls dressed in Indian attire always to girls who’ve become chain smokers. Ranging from boys who are perfect book worms to boys who’ve had a long list of pending backlogs. Until you are a part of anything yourself, you can’t rate anything. Nothing is good or bad here or anywhere, it just depends on the angle you see it from. The angle would change the moment you become a part of it. It’s thus very necessary for you to be aware of the choices you make in a college life. It’s ultimately you and just you who bear the responsibility and answerability towards yourself. Be sure of the choices you make and this is what will help you discover yourself. For when you call up your parents and tell them how strong and independent you’ve become, don’t just say it, rather mean it every time.

minimal-desktop-wallpaper-make-it-happenCollege is all about improvements and betterment. Grab the most of it. Looking back at the lawns and benches should not only make you feel nostalgic but also should make you feel empowered and  grown when compared to what you were when you came here for the first time. See, didn’t that get a smile on your face?


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