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It’s called…Teenage Love


By Avantika Seth

For today its not what might just happen; It’s turned to be something that needs to happen!

The problems of teenage dating involving violence, drug, alcohol abuse, and suicide are primarily caused by stressful life events, peer influence, and failure of parents to take their children away from harmful activities.

il_fullxfull.212093729Love is ‘in’ nowadays people, so pack up your asses and start looking for someone ‘TO BE LOVED’. No? c’mon don’t take it as a joke! It’s what the youth is going crazy about. Being a Loreto girl, a co-ed student, a Facebook user and most importantly a Delhi university student I’ve learnt that youngsters are crazy about the love thing. Boyfriends, girlfriends, gay friends or for that matter friends with benefits have given the youngsters an oomph factor in their so called boring life. So dude, if you’re not going ‘in ‘and ‘out’ with someone, believe me that you’re not hep or ‘cool’ or whatever it is people think you ought to be! It’s supposed to be the typical ninth standard when you’re supposed to get in a relationship and whenever there’s a breakup, you’re supposed to be in an undefinable pain! Hey, are you laughing at this? No, believe me it’s the generalized truth nowadays!

Unlike previous times love isn’t what happens; it’s what supposed to happen necessarily.It’s something that gives you a social existence in today’s life. Making out in schools or in college stairs or in your cosy room or wherever you feel is enough to make your single friend jealous of you is so commonly seen today.In this era of Facebook, your pictures matter more than originality, your poses more than your suitableness, your cheeky looks more than your pretty smile, and of course your sensuality more than your innocence. So love, for now isn’t what choses you, it’s what you choose after checking out some hundreds of profiles! Teenage love, which very well is my topic of discussion says that you don’t love a person because he’s truthful or innocent or well-groomed or loving or magnanimously down to earth or beautifully caring and so on, you love a person because he or she is handsome or pretty, has a good name in clubbing, or is surprisingly rich or has had plenty of girlfriends/boyfriends or is ‘cool ‘or is very well known among your peer group, etc, etc.

Having a partner doesn’t only give you an edge but also gives your single friend probably an inferiority complex. It makes them forcibly get into this experience and leaves them a victim of never-ending regrets and a terrible trauma. At such a tender age when one is supposed to be focused towards being a better person he is trapped in the vicious circle of ROMANCE and LOVE. Imagine when a single failure in your mathematics exam can break your confidence so much what would a heart break at an age of sixteen be to you. A terrible knock out I’d say. When your seventeen year old boyfriend says he loves you no more. When he says you’re not pretty anymore or when he says he’s found someone better than you. Well, that would be shattering to you surely!

There is no wrong in the feelings which children at such a tender age might just get attracted to but at the same time it is very necessary of all the cons an infatuation gets for them. Some may even resort to steps like cutting their wrists, end up depressed or twisted.

Sanji.full.106987Infatuation is a state characterized by the intense feelings of passion toward a specific individual. Many social-psychological theories have explored infatuation and related constructs.The immaturity in experience and emotion can cause teenagers to think they are in love when they are in fact infatuated. This infatuation can cause them to experience low self-esteem, devastation and depression when such relationship ends.

Also, The Guttmacher Institute notes that nearly half of American teens are sexually active, and this too often is the result of pressure. Kimiberly Kirberger, author of “Teen Love: On Relationships, A Book for Teenagers,” urges them to learn more about themselves, cultivate their personalities and find their self-esteem before attempting a relationship.

So kids (of course if anyone is going through it) wake up for now. Give love sometime to happen and believe me if it’s meant to be, it would be no matter what!

Stop loving just to show it off to people, become something great in life and one day there would be someone more than you deserve. I know, the wait is tough but believe me IT’S GOING TO BE WORTH IT!



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