Those who follow Hollywood movies, especially of comedy genre must have already associated Jim Carrey’s name immediately with the comedy movies he played a part in. For those, who don’t know him, he is the Shami Kapoor of Hollywood.

Jim Carrey is a multi-talented person. A Canadian-American, he has acted in some of the most famous movies of Hollywood which earned him a good reputation towards the start of his career.

Starting with a role in the sketch comedy, “In Living Color,” he hit his jackpot in the movie “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”, where he got a leading role.

Soon after, he became the king of comedy in Hollywood with his fantastic and humorous acting in movies like “Dumb and Dumber”, “The Mask”, “Batman Forever” and “Liar Liar”. He even did serious roles which fetched him Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

You must be thinking that if he was so good at his work, why did I say that his movies were bad and he overacted?

The earlier king of comedy was now being monotonous and all his movies were somewhat similar to one another and that is what the audience of show business despises.

He was no longer the secret to a hit movie. His movies didn’t gross well on the box-office and his poor and overdramatic acting was to blame. His flop movies include ‘The Number 23’ and ‘Kick-Ass 2’.

He wasn’t seen on the silver screen for long but recently, he resurfaced and that too, with a bang.

He may have overacted and had delivered bad movies which were rejected by the audience, but in his personal life, he is a person to be admired.

1. Struggles As A Child

It is easy to judge a man without knowing what he has been through. Carrey was born in a suburb in Toronto, Canada and his father was an accountant. When his dad lost his job, the family had to live in a van and faced acute poverty.

The impressions of comedy were not inherent to Jim. He leant them for his unwell mother, to cheer her up. He didn’t do comedy for earning; he did it to make her mom feel better.

2. Battle With Depression

It takes guts in this world to admit what one has gone through. I respect Jim for admitting in front of the media that he was suffering from depression.

Through a major part of his life, he faced and battled depression, despite showing a smiling and laughing face on the screen.

He shared a powerful message by talking about his depression, influencing many others of his fraternity to come out and talk about it fearlessly.

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3. Life As An Artist

If you think Carrey only has the talent to make everyone laugh, you are mistaken. Carrey is also a wonderful artist.

For the last 6 years, Carrey has been seriously concentrating on his artwork and has been exploring a career as an artist and cartoonist and he has done a good job.

His paintings and cartoons are mostly about pop-culture or are politically charged. He recently had a solo exhibition in Las Vegas.

4. Politically Aware

Jim possesses good knowledge of his political surroundings and opines on it. Not only this, he is vocal about his political views and depicts them through his cartoons and paintings.

Where a lot of people are afraid of voicing their political opinion, Jim shows a fearless attitude and talks his heart out on every topic.

5. Not A Handsome Face

When Carrey started his career in Hollywood, he had nothing but his skills. He didn’t possess a handsome face, a macho body or a godfather to help him settle in the industry. He made it to where he is because of his skills and dedication towards his work.

He has been a devout actor who was once engrossed in his character so much (in the movie “The Man and the Moon”) that he didn’t let any cast or crew member see him without makeup.

Isn’t it commendable?

Recent time wasn’t great was Jim. He delivered movies which lacked the talent Jim showed earlier. He was involved in legal disputes while his depression was constantly engulfing him. However, he didn’t leave disheartened and continued his battles.

Image Source: Google Images

Sources: The Delite, Mental Health Daily, Art Net

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  1. Jim Carey doesn’t posses a handsome face? are you kidding? Very conventionally handsome Beautiful looking guy, which helped him fit in non-comedic lead roles too!


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