Every other day, there is some challenge or another that is trending across social media. 

Earlier there was the Ice Bucket Challenge, then there was 10 year challenge, Kiki challenge, Shoot dance challenge and many more that took the internet by storm. 

These days it is the ‘bottle cap challenge’ that everyone is attempting to do, some with impressive success while others resulting in a funny moment. 

The challenge came into limelight after Jason Statham and Donnie Yen managed to pull it off, but it was when Ryan Reynolds also participated in it that it went viral. 

Till now, multiple people and celebrities have tried to do this challenge, with the videos amassing millions of views. 

What Is This Challenge?

The origin of the challenge itself is not exactly known but as per reports, it was first created by Kazakh Taekwondo instructor and fighter Farabi Davletchin on June 25th. 

However, he apparently used some other hashtag for it and challenged celebrities like Jason Statham, Connor McGregor, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Jackie Chan to participate.

The challenge going viral could also be due to mixed martial-artist Max Holloway posting his own attempt and then asking other celebs like John Mayer, etc to do it too. 

The way you do the Bottle Cap Challenge is:

  • place a bottle on a table or have someone hold it for you
  • keep the cap loosely fixed on it
  • with a roundhouse kick you are supposed to untwist the cap from the bottle

Another rule of the challenge is that the bottle should not move and only the cap should fly off the top. 

The entire thing has to be recorded in slow motion format so that the viewer can see whether it has been done properly or not.

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Bottle Cap Challenge By Celebs

After it went viral, a lot of celebs both international and Indian have tried their hand or foot in this case at this challenge. 

Each has somehow tried to show their body strength and fitness by attempting and succeeding in this challenge. 




Jason Statham’s video has already been viewed more than 16 million times. 





There were also some hilarious renditions to the challenge by Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds and our very own Kunal Khemu. 

Comedian Sunil Grover also joined in the fun. 

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Mujhse toh haath se hee khul gaya

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Ryan Reynolds used the challenge as an interesting way to market his gin brand called Aviation Gin. 

The video started out like a typical advertisement where the bottle is travelling great distance only to end up kicked down by Reynolds whose attempt fails. 


Even south Korean K-pop group EXO tried their hand at doing the bottle cap challenge, resulting in a lot of hilarious moments.

Sehun, one of the members, uploaded their attempts and shenanigans on his Instagram.  

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무더위를 날려버리세요

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Not just celebrities, normal people also attempted the challenge in their own unique ways. 




This last one could easily be an Indian mother accurately landing that ‘chappal’ on their kid when they are not listening to her. 

Do let us know who won in this challenge though, Bollywood or Hollwood, in the comments below.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: India Today, New York Times

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