There is a rise in the news regarding layoffs nowadays. Due to inflation and post-pandemic economic upheaval, the time is rough for businesses. Many tech companies, like Amazon, Meta, and Twitter, have laid off thousands of employees without any prior notice. This has led to great anxiety among the employees. 

Ram Charan, a global business and leadership consultant, author, and speaker, gives tips on how to deal with layoffs. He says, “A layoff is a time to hone your expertise and create a new career opportunity.

He emphasises the fact that one has to keep a busy mind so that they don’t fall into the trap of depression. He believes that the layoff should be considered a sabbatical. It should become a basis for improving the skill set and opening up paths to growth. Here’s how one can use the sabbatical period of layoffs.

Learn A New Skill

The first step to learning any skill and keeping oneself busy is to identify the right kind of skill which is suitable for you. Assessment of one’s own interests and professional requirements can be a basis for choosing a particular skill for oneself.

One can explore various skills online that can help maintain professional efficiency. Researching the learning options and courses that provide the skills needed can help one find a course that shapes the skill according to the pace of learning and requirement. 

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Meet New Mentors And Friends

Besides educational training online, a great way to learn new skills is through networking. Collaborating with like-minded professionals can help one find new insights and updates about the knowledge of skills in the marketplace. Joining online clubs or attending workshops, events, and meetups can allow for more connections with individuals with similar interests.

Making new connections will lead you to set meaningful goals and milestones in your learning journey. By setting goals, one can easily get hold of the progress in the learning process. The mentors advise focusing on a single skill at a time as focusing on one skill helps in having a productive learning process.

Starting A New Business

Business always starts with the identification of a problem that it intends to solve. As one identifies the problem, and the skill to resolve it, a business is already ready to set up. The strategic use of the skills gained in the sabbatical can lead you to become a potential entrepreneur. 

Writing and researching professional skills have a great impact on improving the productivity of any employee or businessman. During periods of inflation, effective use of the termination period is really important to maintain professional efficiency.

Although the reasons for layoffs have nothing to do with one’s performance, any weaknesses that one may have shrugged to the side, come to the surface in the face of events that shake up their world. Therefore, it is important to enhance the skills to brush up on the gaps in between. 

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