E-Cell, IIT Patna is ready to Vivans of Vision, in the minds and hearts of young and talented entrepreneurs through its annual flagship program, E-summit 2k23 from 3rd February to 5th February.

The words of all the greats showcase the tools that they have used to get going. Entrepreneurs should hold onto the vision of their business resiliently and persevere through the storm. To make a simple idea into something momentous, it’s important to get the tricks right.

That is precisely why Ecell, IIT Patna is inviting all of you to a wonderful week full of exciting events and insightful guest lectures in the upcoming E-Summit, 2k23, that will embellish your knowledge and give you the nudge to pave your way.

Noteworthy events include case study competitions, pitching, auctions, and many more fun and enticing events. To get an insight into all the wisdom register now at the link below and save the date!

Innovation Quiz 

If you think you have an innovative mind and like doing innovation, this quiz is for you. Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Patna, in collaboration with Quiz Club, IIT Patna, has come up with Innovation Quiz as part of its annual festival, E-Summit’23. One can participate in teams of two or go for solo. The prelims will be held on YouTube, and the answers will have to be submitted by via G-forms. The link for both will be provided to the participants before the quiz.

Virtual Stock Exchange  

Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Patna is organizing a Virtual stock exchange event as part of its annual festival E-Summit’23. Virtual Stock Exchange is an individual participating event, where participants compete with each other in the stock market for four days. All stock will be in real-time. It is a stock market simulation game to give you an opportunity to test your trading skills in a risk-free environment and get rewarded for it.

This is the perfect event for all the people who begin their day with “what changed in the market overnight?” and end it with “the review of today’s market highs and lows”. This is a chance for you to improve your skills before trading into the fascinating world of investing. A discord server will be provided for better communication from the organising team to participants.

VFX Workshop

We welcome you to the session on the VFX workshop to participate in the fun and learning process at the hands of a famous VFX/animation artist brought to you by the Entrepreneurship Cell in collaboration with the Anime Club, IIT Patna, in its flagship event, E-Summit 2023. It will be in hybrid mode (both offline & online).

Main topics to be covered in the workshop are Visual Effects and Animation. So, if you like anime and want to explore creating visual effects, this workshop is for you. Go and Participate.

UI/UX Designing Hackathon

If you like UI/UX Designing and want to explore this field, get ready to develop innovative solutions to common user interface problems as Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Patna organises its annual flagship event E-Summit 2023. This hackathon will be held in hybrid mode (online as well as in-person).  A problem statement will be released just before the hackathon starts. Participants will be given 3 hrs to submit their solutions.

Entrepreneurial Communion

Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Patna, in collaboration with HOOT Club, IIT Patna, has come up with Entrepreneurial Communion as part of its annual festival, E-Summit’23. It will be a debate of the policy debate format. There can be multiple rounds and the final rounds can be more leaning towards a discussion or case study format. So, if you are a person who likes debates and solving case study, this event is for you.

Advertise your way  

Have you ever thought about being a product advertisement creator? ‘Advertise Your Way’ is the desired platform. A perfect ad and your product is sold! Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Patna, in collaboration with Yavanika, The Dramatics Club, IIT Patna, has come up with Advertise your way as part of its annual festival, E-Summit’23.

Advertising is a powerful tool that can help you attract customers, inform them about your products and build customer trust Participants will be judged on the basis of creativity, originality of ideas, public appeal and overall presentation. This would also test one’s skill of coupling creativity with their marketing strategy.

Internship Fair

Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Patna is organising Internship Fair in its Annual fest E-Summit’23. This event is a platform for students who seek internships and companies who need interns. The Internship Fair gives students exposure to various aspects of start-ups. It is conducted in two rounds –

Round 1: Students will apply for internships through the E-Summit Internship Fair platform, following this their resumes and cover letters (as per the company’s requirements and eligibility criteria) will be collected by the E-Summit Team. The details of the shortlisted candidates will be shared.

Round 2: Interview for shortlisted Students of Round 1 (Online/Offline interview depends on the company).

Pitch it up

It takes an uncanny ability to communicate your vision and inspire others to be just as enthusiastic about it as you are. If you ever wanted to walk in the shoes of an entrepreneur, you are at the right place as this event is for you organised by E-cell, IIT Patna at its annual festival E-Summit’23.

Pitch it up is an exciting and competitive opportunity for start-ups to showcase their ideas and advance them to the next level and make a lasting impact in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. The preliminary round is a quiz round. Teams will be shortlisted for the second round based on their performance in the preliminary round. In the second round, each team has to submit their idea/s in a PowerPoint presentation format. Shortlisted candidates will be promoted to the final round. Based on the feasibility and impact of your idea you will get a chance to present it in front of judges. After the assessment made by the judges, the winner will be declared.

Scale-up Hackathon

Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Patna, in collaboration with Google Developer Student Clubs(GDSC), IIT Patna, is organizing ‘Scale-up Hackathon’ as part of its annual festival, E-Summit’23. The main objective of this Hackathon is to focus on uplifting early career businesses and ventures!

As there’s no better way to learn new technical skills than by participating in a hackathon, so, It’s an excellent opportunity to brush up on your technical knowledge or get to grips with the basics. Hackathons are a great way to meet potential business partners and come up with an idea for a potential new startup. Many hackathon teams come up with fantastic ideas that have real-world applications, and once the hackathon is over, they get to work making their idea happen.

The hackathon will be judged based on Business potential, Relevance to the theme, User interface, Experience, and Completion/Execution.

Scavenger Hunt

Love to solve the clues and explore the campus finding different items. Entreprenuership-Cell IIT Patna has come up with the ‘Scavenger hunt’ event on its annual fest E-Summit’23. In this event, participants will have to gather all the items listed to them by solving the given clues usually without purchasing them. The goal is to be the first to complete the list or to complete the most items on that list. In variations of the game, players take photographs of listed items or be challenged to complete the tasks on the list in the most creative manner.

Online Marketing 

Love to do marketing and want to test your marketing skills, Entreprenuership-Cell IIT Patna has come up with the ‘Online Marketing’ event on it’s Annual fest E-Summit’23. You will be a given a start-up and you will have to do marketing for it in the most creative manner u can do. Like you can make a post for it on the social media handles with some innovative lines in the post, creating some highlighted reels etc. Participants will be judged on the basis of their marketing strategy and how well they can extend the reach of the start-up.

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