Time and again questions and protests have been raised wondering about the places in the world where the British monarchy is still the head of the state on paper.

When Prince William and his wife Katherine were on a tour in the Caribbean earlier this year, even then activists raised their voices about the monarchy for their wrongs done regarding the slave trade and asked for reparations and an apology from them.

The death of Queen Elizabeth and the subsequent coronation of Prince Charle to being the new King of the United Kingdom was not something that was taken well by many.

A lot of people right after the passing of the queen had asked why the British monarchy still existed and that too with power and talked about how it was high time that it just be eliminated entirely since it wasn’t particularly doing anything for the people of the country.

Now, in the latest news, King Charles III and Queen Consort, Camilla, were accosted by a person who threw eggs at them as a sign of protest.

Eggs Thrown At King Charles

While King Charles and Camilla were visiting Yorkshire, a 23-year-old University of York student decided to throw three eggs at him while shouting “this country was built on the blood of slaves” and “not my king”.

Charles was apparently in the middle of greeting various dignitaries like the Lord Mayor and more when the eggs were thrown in his direction by the student. Although the eggs missed him, the King and Queen Consort were still pulled away by security.

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The student was pretty quickly restrained by the British police and held on “suspicion of a public order offence and remains in custody.”

The royal family being egged seems to not be such a new thing as even when Queen Elizabeth was on a tour of New Zealand in 2986 she had eggs thrown at her by a woman calling out Britain’s treaty with the Maori tribes.

This certainly seems to be just one among the growing list of ways people seem to be protesting against the British monarchy.

While throwing eggs at these people might not be the best way to protest, it does show how the British monarchy has always been called out, and the dissent seems to be bigger now considering the various serious controversies that it has gone through.

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