Prince Charles is now officially King Charles III and the day of the coronation ceremony was not without several hijinks and viral moments. The ceremony took place at London’s Westminster Abbey where the Archbishop of Canterbury performed the rituals for his official crowning as King in an almost two-hour-long ceremony.

But of course, given how hyped the whole event was, it certainly did not disappoint in giving several awkward and embarrassing moments that at least had many people laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Horse Lose Control

A video clip showing a horse losing control and crashing into a barrier went viral during the ceremony.

The horse, as part of the coronation process of Britain’s King Charles III, while he was heading back to Buckingham Palace from Westminster Abbey, seemed to have lost control and started to step towards the public before ramming into the metal barriers that surrounded the streets.

Katy Perry Seat Fiasco

Katy Perry. American singer who was performing at the ceremony went viral for actually more than one reason on coronation day.

The first was when she was unable to find her seat, another was for almost tripping when leaving the venue and the third was for her very, unique choice of fashion for the big day.

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Prince Harry Seat

While Prince Harry did make a solo appearance at the ceremony, he was certainly treated more as a guest rather than an actual family member.

Seated in the third row behind Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales he even had his view obstructed by the huge red feather that was placed into Princess Anne’s hat.

Reports also claim that elder brother Prince William ignored Prince Harry and did not really engage with him in any manner.

Queen Camilla’s Crown

Some users online felt that Queen Camilla’s crowning ceremony was very awkward and even her crown didn’t seem to fit her properly.

Prince Andrew Present At Coronation

The controversial Prince Andrew actually showed up for the coronation ceremony. The royal famously known for being involved in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal was not only seated in the same row as Prince Harry but funnily enough was dressed in royal outfits while Prince Harry himself was not.

Obviously, he got booed by the many protesters standing outside the ceremony who were against him and the coronation itself.

Princess Diana Trended

Apparently, Princess Diana also trended because of course she did on the coronation day. People made several memes and hilarious comments on Princess Diana and what her reaction would have been.

The whole coronation ceremony was certainly full of these and many other awkward and embarrassing moments.

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