Watch: Rich Indian Royal Families And Their Bizarre Obsessions

Crazy Rich Indians

India has many “royal families”, mainly due to the union of many kingdoms to form one nation.

After independence, due to the phenomenal work of Sardar Patel, the kings didn’t possess the kingdom, but still had their royal properties. These royal properties were so huge that they could put even Jeff Bezos to shame!

These royal families led such a phenomenon and unbelievable lives that were just outright bizarre to common men. Their hobbies and practices would definitely be considered as obnoxious in today’s time.

With dozens of expensive cars, hundreds of servants, lavish jewels and colossal properties, they were the definition of luxury.

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Being so powerful and wealthy, these royal families were always in the news and yet were very secretive.

Even though the government of India abolished all official symbols of princely India, including titles, privileges, and remuneration, these royals are still very notable. Their descendants still live exuberant and lush lives.

Let’s unveil some of the most unthinkable stuff these royalties did in their time.

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