Over the years, various civilizations got washed off and some were forgotten. While various kingdoms and communities received newfound respect even in modern society, others were left neglected and unattended.

Also, not to forget, slang words have ruined various things for our generation. An unfortunate incident recently occurred with an Assamese woman wherein she lost an opportunity of employment at National Seed Corporation Limited because of her surname which has been mutated into a slang by the north-Indian population. 

Her name is Priyanka Chutia. Her glorious family name has been reduced to abuse which does injustice to her family and its honourable past. The organization’s website required her to fill a ‘proper naming’ word while filing an application, ignoring that it was her surname and not abuse.

The Chutia Community

The word ‘Chutia’ has been derived from the Deori-Chutia language which translates into ‘natives who live near pure water’. ‘Chu’ means pure/good, ‘Ti’ refers to water and ‘Ya’ stands for natives of the land.

The community is addressed in ancient verses as ‘Chutika’ as well, which means people of good and pure lineage or origin.

The Chutia community, spelt as Sutiya community, is an ethnic group which finds its origin in the Assam state of India. They are a part of the Kachari group and have reigned over parts of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh from 1187 to 1673.

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The community is one of the oldest and largest communities of Assam which are said to have migrated from Southern China, mainly Tibet and Sichuan.

The kingdom on which the Chutiya community ruled spanned through various Indian states. Its region was on the banks of rivers Bramhaputra, Dikarai and Subansiri rivers.

The seat of Chutias is said to be Lakhimpur. The fact that they ruled over fertile land testifies for their riches and wealth. They are said to have Tibeto-Berman origin and spoke their language, however, over the years, they started speaking local Assamese language and adopted Hinduism as their religion. 

In 1673, after years of disputes and armed tussles, the Chutia community fell under the domination of the Ahoms.

It is worth noting that Chutias were the first in Assam to use firearms in warfare. Before that, most kingdoms used bows and arrows. 

Present Situation

The Chutia community is presently listed as Other Backward Classes by the Government of India.

The social discrimination faced by north-eastern residents isn’t hidden to anyone. North-eastern people living in north-Indian cities face discrimination of various sorts. Abuses and discriminatory phrases are hurled at them, which are meant to degrade them.

Same is the story with the people of the Chutia community who face aggravated discrimination and often become a laughing stock. They are made to feel inferior by those who aren’t adequately educated on their historical importance. 

The case of Priyanka brings to light an important issue. Our authorities and government are required to inculcate all communities and tribes in the system to ensure that none of them are left out.

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