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Meet The Most Famous Interior Designer In The World – Katrina Antonovich


Katrina Antonovich has become the center of the spotlight in the industry of Interior design and architecture in the world. After the numerous successes of her accomplished projects international, Katrina Antonovich and her self-owned Architecture and interior design Company – Luxury Antonovich Design is continuously creating a legacy by performing the world-class standards of developments and executions in every local and international projects that the company is handling. Luxury Antonovich Design is located at the heart of the city – Dubai and has been performing atop prominent project in the UAE, such as royal villas, palaces, modern apartments, luxury hotels, government offices, and different architectural structures all over the country. Over the years, Katrina Antonovich has consistently received a high ranking feedback towards every client and in every top luxurious project that her company has been successfully developed. She started to open a company branch in the USA to be able to accommodate every client in America and provide them a premium class services and monitor every project in the most systematic procedure.

What makes Katrina Antonovich the most famous interior designer?

Katrina Antonovich is very perfectionist when it comes to every project development; she ensures that there will be a very meticulous attention in every detail especially in every project development and procedures. Katrina Antonovich is the CEO, Chief Designer and architect of Luxury Antonovich Design, she always assures that each and every project that the Luxury Antonovich design is handling will be having her personal touch of elegance and that is what makes every project extra unique and sophisticated. Katrina Antonovich is very hands-on when it comes to every company operations, project developments and accomplishments, she is making herself always involve to every stage of work especially when it comes to every project to maintain the highest standards in every project. Her Company, Luxury Antonovich Design was indeed the Top interior Design Company in the world as it has been accomplished and continuously handling top luxurious project all over the world.

Here is the list of some of the top projects that the Luxury Antonovich Design has been developed international.

  • Royal Villas in the Middle East
  • Luxury Hotels in London
  • Luxury Villas in the USA
  • World-class mall architecture
  • Commercial structural design and architecture
  • Palaces in South Africa
  • Huge restaurants in Nigeria
  • Yacht
  • Modern apartments
  • Mosque Design in UAE and Saudi Arabia
  • Luxury Arabian villas in UAE, and Saudi Arabia
  • Interior design for offices, clinics and other public establishments
  • Stunning Architectures worldwide.

From the great leadership of Katrina Antonovich, Luxury Antonovich Design has become the world’s standard-setter when it comes to Architecture and interior design, as it always provides the highest standard in the full development of every project. The Luxury Antonovich Design is very famous for its classical or royal style creations that are mostly being performed in Luxury Hotels, Palaces, and Luxury Arabian villas. Classic or royal style concept is the most challenging task for every architecture and interior design company and only the top experts have the full ability to perform the highest standard of work executions. On the other hand, Katrina Antonovich never stops in developing her creative and artistic skills as she never stops learning new technologies and modern design implementations that she will be executing for modern project requirements. Luxury Antonovich Design is also the top company that introduces the most trendy and stylish modern design that implements modern technologies such as the smart home system, high definition technology for home theatre, mirror TV, automatic furniture and curtains design, and more. As she wants to provide only the best for the project, Katrina Antonovich ensures that every client or project owner will surely achieve a hassle-free experience in the full project executions from planning up to the turnkey solutions. From then Katrina Antonovich also started to introduce her very own furniture line – KA Brand which has its very own showroom – Luxury Antonovich Home that is showcasing the widest selections of luxury furniture and decorations that will need in the full project executions. Luxury Antonovich home is also located at the center of the city that is very accessible for local and international clients. All the Luxurious furniture and decorations collections are available for online shopping thru its very own website. Katrina Antonovich has gathered the most professional logistic team that is very reliable for the logistic procedures for import and export international.

Apart from being the most famous interior designers in the world, Katrina Antonovich has been very well known as the most followed personality in social media and on different internet platforms. A lot of people are looking up to her as the most influential personality as she continuously inspiring the youth and with her advocacy of woman empowerment. A lot of followers is admiring her luxurious fashion philosophy and living her luxury life. Katrina Antonovich was indeed a fashion icon and a trendsetter when it comes to style as she glamorously flaunts her luxurious lifestyle. She has become indeed a great inspiration to others and that is what makes Katrina Antonovich the most famous interior designer in the world.


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