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The Air Quality Index of Delhi NCR, like every year, has dropped down to a severe level. Delhi has been said to be turned into a ‘gas chamber’ which is a global embarrassment of the national capital city.

Here, our two bloggers, Katyayani and Ekaprna, discuss and decode the responsibility of the government towards the people. Who is responsible for the plight? Our bloggers argue.

 Yes, AAP is responsible!



Till last year, the Delhi Chief Minister, reigning the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi, was playing a blame game, accusing the polluted air from Punjab and Haryana to be responsible for the high pollution levels in the regions of Delhi-NCR. As reported in Hindustan Times, Arvind Kejriwal said, “neighbouring states were doing nothing to curb the stubble burning.”

Justifying The Mismanagement

It is interesting to see that this year when the Aam Aadmi Party themselves got a majority win in Punjab, they were still not able to control the pollution levels, as according to them,” 6 months were not enough to implement policies regarding stubble burning.”

kejriwal bhagwant mann aap pollution
Kejriwal and Mann in the press conference

For the last several years, the constant annual environmental emergencies, and health crises, before the offset of the winter season have been a matter of concern for every individual living in Delhi-NCR. The government has been blaming the pollution on stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana earlier, and now when it has control over both Punjab and Delhi, admits to the fact that it failed.

Constant Blame Game

Now, the blame shifts on the central government that refused to fund Kejriwal’s proposal, which said, ” farmers who do not burn paddy straw will get a compensation of Rs 2,500 per acre.

According to Network 18, ‘Punjab and Delhi said they will pitch in with Rs 1,000 and asked the Centre to dole out Rs 1,500 instead.’ The Rs.1,000 of AAP’s share didn’t even reach the farmers. Farm fires have doubled from last year and have reached 14,000 in number. 

AAP always has a new excuse to start a new blame game, but it does not have any solid plan to tackle the pollution in both the regions of Punjab and Delhi. Now, the party says that the problem is not just of the two states but of the whole of northern India. 

Lack Of A Robust Policy

The Punjab government says that it tried the ‘awareness model’ by educating the farmers and requesting them not to burn the stubble. Seeing the consequences, it is clear that the awareness model did not work out, and it was not a thought-out process.

The best evidence of negligence is that maximum farm fires were reported from Sangrur, the home district of Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann.

The 1.2 lakh machines to manage stubble, proved to be less as there is no connection between providing equipment without having researched the needs of the farmers. There should be proper policy research to know the needs of the small farmers and the richer ones, to have parity, for better tackling of the issues, which is not done till now. 

So now, Delhi and Punjab governments should at least find measures to reduce pollution and focus on their developmental agenda.

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No, AAP Is Doing Its Best!



Delhi CM and national convener of AAP, Arvind Kejriwal is trying his best to improve the air quality in the Delhi-NCR. He says that it is not the time to point fingers at each other, instead, we should unitedly take action to overcome the current pollution crisis. 

The Joint Press Conference Of Kejriwal And Mann 

The Chief Minister of Delhi and National Convener of the Aam Aadmi Party, Arvind Kejriwal called for a joint press conference with the Chief Minister of Punjab, Bhagwant Mann on 4th November 2022. 

In the interview, the AAP government in Punjab takes full responsibility for the relentless barn fire that has been transpiring in the agricultural state of Punjab, which led to the occurrence of a layer of noxious, harmful smog over the Capital City, Delhi, and its neighbourhood areas. 

“A North India Problem”

In a joint press conference with the CM of Punjab, Arvind Kejriwal said, “Air pollution is a North India problem. AAP, Delhi Govt, or the Punjab govt are not solely responsible. Now not the time for blame games.” 

He posted a chart for the Air Quality Index (AQI) result of the North Indian cities on Twitter and said, “See pollution in North Indian towns. Its not just Punjab and Del. Entire North India suffering from severe pollution. Lets stop blame game. Lets find solutions as a country.”

Kejriwal also asked for Central Government’s help regarding the worsening condition in Delhi and the surrounding regions and implored him to take obligatory actions. 

Closing Of Schools

The interview addressed the current air pollution crisis in Delhi and declared that all primary schools are to remain closed till the situation is brought under control. In addition to this, it was also announced that children above Class 5 will be forbidden from taking part in outdoor activities. 

Arvind Kejriwal announced, “We’re taking all steps to control the pollution situation. In lieu of that, we’re shutting down all primary schools in Delhi from tomorrow. Also shutting down outdoor activities for all classes above class 5.”

Stubble Burning In Punjab 

For the stubble burning in Punjab, Kejriwal said, “We will try for crop diversification, we will try to move our farmers from rice to other crops in Punjab.” He added, “We accept that stubble burning is happening in Punjab, but farmers are not responsible for it. They will stop burning stubble if they get a solution.” 

Punjab CM, Bhagwant Mann also supported Kejriwal and said, “We and our government take responsibility for stubble burning in Punjab. We only got six months. Six months is a very short time. We were successful in some spheres.”

However, the national convener of AAP, Arvind Kejriwal assured the inhabitants that they are trying their best to improve the situation within the next year even though it has only been six months he has been in the office in Punjab.

He tweeted, “It’s our first yr in Punjab. The Punjab govt tried its best in a short time. By next yr, we shud see good results.” Hope our leaders are able to find imperative solutions to cool down the situation as soon as possible. 

We both do not agree with each other. Do you agree with any of us? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Katyani had already pointed out the points in Ekparna which looks like Aap has failed to keep their words just like Yamuna cleaning and now trying to look honest by accepting the failure. Instead of accepting the failure just step down if you cannot keep your words. Eg Liz Truss in UK.
    Failure acceptance means that you are ineligible to represent the mass which elected you for your words.


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