Burning a hole in my pocket, I was paying Rs. 800 a month for Netflix and the yearly Rs. 999 for Amazon Prime until one of my friends told me about Terrarium TV offering free, limitless Netflix and Amazon Prime content.

It’s too good to be real, isn’t it?

There are many platforms with all-in-one Netflix and Amazon Prime style streaming movie and TV show but without doubt, Terrarium TV has surpassed all of its counterparts.

Imagine you could sign into Netflix and Amazon Prime, without an account along with the breath-taking library of the latest content that too with no monthly fees.

That’s Terrarium TV for you (and this is not a sponsored article).

You name the show/movie and Terrarium TV will have it

What makes Terrarium TV different?

A few years ago, Popcorn Time was the next big thing. It certainly lived up to the promise of being Netflix for the crowd of Pirates and was soon adopted by millions. It provided pirated content on demand, for the price of nothing.

If we consider various aspects, Terrarium TV resembles Popcorn Time. It has an eye-catching Netflix-style interface, pulling movie and TV show artwork, along with its simplicity which caters to everyone.

Terrarium TV, exclusively built for the Android platform is compatible with a smartphone, tablet, streaming stick and set-top-box. Its huge popularity has gained it a cult following with millions of users across the globe.

One thing we are most worried about is the pirated content. While Popcorn Time had Bit-Torrent based streaming, Terrarium TV has no connections to torrent. Every single stream available conjured up from public sources such as file-hosting sites and even GoogleVideo.

A peek at how Terrarium TV works

Terrarium TV contains only links to other sites on the internet. It does not store or upload any videos on their app. When you choose something to watch, the app gathers links from different websites and uses these to start the streaming to provide you with a user-friendly interface.

The problem is that Terrarium TV does not bother to check if these sources are legal or not. That means you can be watching films and shows taken from unknown sites you’ve never heard of.

Where it stands out again is the quality. HD is a commonplace and most of the content is supported by an HD source along with it. Multi-language subtitle along with a chromecast support is also available to add to it.

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Does Terrarium TV support your device?

Terrarium TV has its roots from Android to Windows and even Amazon’s Fire TV. For all Apple users, you need to jailbreak your IOS device to avail free streaming, and security settings need to be tweaked for Amazon Fire and Android users.

Of course, there’s a little catch. Like all other apps, you can’t just go ahead on the Play Store and download this app.

You’ll need to download and install the app through an APK download. While there are many sources to download the app, you might want to stick to the apps subreddit or perhaps this link. Be aware of the spoofs out there.

That’s not it. The app suggests you to download YesPlayer, without which you won’t be able to stream any content.

Terrarium TV has great video quality offering the HD variant

Is Terrarium TV legal?

Like those torrent sites, Terrarium TV surely does not serve any pirated content. Rather, it just provides you with the links of the content already available on the internet.

But Terrarium TV’s developers can be sued by content owners if this website turns out to be more popular.

A while back, TerrariumTV.com- the site from which the app was downloaded disappeared without any trace, with the developer laying low for some time.

“I’ve decided to shut down the official website and maybe soon will also shut down the Github repository hosting the apk files in order to avoid any potential legal issues,” he said on the app’s subreddit.

At the moment the app is still available to download but will it meet the faith that Popcorn Time does seem unclear at this point.

In the meantime, make use of what you have and enjoy free streaming!

Image Credits: Google Images

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