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Thinking about Thoughts!



Thoughts! I can’t control them. You can’t control. Even if I try, even if I want to. You know what the funny thing about a thought is?
After hours of deep analysis of the mind…they come so fast, it’s almost like you have to catch every ball of snow that falls on Christmas. And they go away from where they evolved even faster! They deviate and transform if you think too much and get destructed if you think too little. To hold on to a thought is like buying a book and never reading it. It would mean to let go of the other “unknown” thought! The possibility that the next thought could somehow be a better thought than the previous one is undefined. And to risk one valuable thought for the undefined possibility may prove to be foolish or wise, later…when all is said and done and all thoughts are forgotten, except the one which has to be judged.

There is so much thinking behind thoughts that thinking as a task in itself…becomes rather, tedious! It is amazing to be in the maze of thoughts, to be surrounded by so many ideas you never imagined you could concieve. From the point of their inception, thoughts are manipulated. Of course, they are. Sometimes I think I can actually never know what my mind thinks, I only recieve what it wants to recieve, think per se. You know, many people opt for a psychedelic experience under the influence of psy drugs just to “think” but, the thoughts, the many unknown and untold thoughts pass by like a million strange cars in a new city, faster rather. The amount of thoughts percieved outnumber the capacity of thoughts the mind can hold on to. The genius in you, in me at least showers innumerable thoughts all over me, when active and vigil…and to hold on to all of them is a Herculean task which not even the genius in me can succesfully accomplish.

Thinking has become, has always been full of repentance. “Why did I not think about it before?” It is there, the perfect solution to every possible problem lies in and within those many layers of your mind. The thoughts lost at the expense of the ones you hold on to do not necessarily self-destruct. They remain…and like a flash of lightning hit you when you least expect them to or maybe when you need them the most. It totally varies from person to person and their thinking capabilities. Some channelize all their energy, negative or positive, in certain thoughts. The outcome of these quick thoughts may doom or boom you! You never know!
Moreover, you can never say “I can’t even think about doing that!”, because when you say it, maybe even before you say it…your brain, my friend has already thought and rethought about doing “that” a several times! If it hits your head, you don’t have to be absolutely guilty that you DID think about it. The human brain, perhaps works in ways so known and unknown. The power of the organ, in itself can not be defined. All of them convicted and awarded, both have a genius in them. How they used their genius, per se was their own path to pick and therefore makes their stories different.

To think, aah! To think, is not easy…nor difficult. Explore your brain, today. There is so much more to it than balancing your body and neurons and electro chemical reactions. So much more.

Well, they say “Think before you speak!”
I’ll say, “Think and rethink, before you think!”
To think or to not to think, is perhaps something you need to think about!

-Aishwarya Rachael Masseyy



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