Valentine’s week is a nightmare for those who are single. It is worse for those whose friends have a date, while they are alone, lonely, and yes – desperate.

With modern culture stretching the day of love to a week, and even a month – you have no other option but to spend time with yourself and look for things you can do alone if you are single. Or, you can play third wheel to a mushy couple during their date.

Hey, we did make some happy wishes for you this year. It’s sad that it’s taking a bit of time to come true

Since no one likes third-wheeling and become the designated photographer of their friend’s romantic date, here’s a list of things you can do during ‘Valentine’s Week’ when you are single and dumped by your friends.

1. Uninstall Facebook & Instagram for a week

If you don’t want to feel jealous of your friend’s love life, the first thing you should do is get rid of those social media apps from your phone for a week. Let’s be honest, like every year, they will upload pictures and write statuses about how lucky they are to find someone. And like every year, this will make you feel lonely and make you regret not saying yes when you had your chance.

2. LMS for a ping

It’s understandable if you couldn’t stick to the first idea. So, be wise and make use of social networking sites for what they were meant for – seeking validation. Seek out your pictures that’s hidden somewhere in your phone gallery, which you meant to upload once. Make them your DP and get comments on how beautiful you look.

Or you can simply post LMSs or ‘Like my status for’ series. Like the ones for confession, ‘thoughts about you’, or for a ping. Although there’s a fair chance of encountering creeps, you might get back in touch with your old long-lost friends.

Remember, this Valentine’s Day, you aren’t the only who is single and got dumped by their friends.

3. Long lost habits

Remember those comics and the cartoons you used to watch when you were a kid? With your adult life taking over and your messy schedule bossing you around, there’s a high chance you have forgotten about those. Bring out your old comics from the shelves and binge-watch those cartoon series online. Get nostalgic, have fun.

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4. Movie hall vibe at home

This year, Valentine’s Day is on Friday. So expect movie ticket prices to reach sky-high.

The better alternative? Stream and watch your movies and TV series from the comfort of your home. Have you watched all the Oscar-nominated movies of this year yet?

There are many advantages to watching movies at home – instead of getting forced to buy the ‘costlier-than-the-movie-ticket’ popcorn, you can enjoy instant microwave popcorn at home. Also, you can have toilet break-intervals whenever you feel like. And the most important – no Akshay Kumar and Dravid with their ‘tambaku foo-foo run out’ ads before the movie starts.

Although, here’s the link if you want to watch them to set the movie-hall mood.

5. Treat yourself

Expect restaurants to be booked during the entire Valentine’s week. However, having no one to go out with, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time.

Take out your phone and order that expensive dish you have always wanted to try.

Again, you not having anyone to go with, doesn’t mean you can’t go to a movie hall alone to watch a movie. Although when you do, make sure you book the seat next to the corner. This way you deny a ‘touchy-feely’ couple their obvious seat of choice- the corner seat.

Relax, we won’t judge your little passive-aggressive war on love and romance, as long as you don’t join Bajrang-dal, of course.

6. Love hack

Hey, if you don’t have a certain someone to love, it doesn’t mean you can’t feel the pain of love or get pricked by love’s fickle thorn.

As cheesy and cringe-worthy the above line may sound like, that’s the Bollywood-ish definition of love. And if you can relate to this idea of love and romance, we have a hack for you.

Look up the list of the top 10 rom-com movies, and watch them all back to back. Or, bring out and read from your collection of romantic novels, and pray that Augustus Waters doesn’t die this time.

Or better yet, switch off the lights, pour yourself some wine to set the mood and let your Arijit Singh playlist help you cry your heart out. Some Bekhayali would work the magic as well.

So, what’s your plan to deal with ‘Valentine’s week’ fever this year?

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