Sachin Tendulkar, aka the Master Blaster, is missed by the Indian cricket team and the entire nation. The thrill of watching him play on the pitch and strike numerous centuries was unmatched.

The news of his retirement 7 years back broke millions of hearts. His fans, who worshipped him as the ‘God of Cricket’, have always prayed for him to come back to action. It seems that their prayers are answered and Ellyse Perry is to be thanked.

What Did Ellyse Do?

Ellyse Perry is a member of the Australian women’s cricket team and the love for Sachin isn’t lost on her. 

Recently on Twitter, she challenged Sachin to come back on the 22 yards through a video message. 

She added that throughout the match, there would be various fangirls who would love to fetch the balls hit by him. 

Ellyse’s challenge, which looked more like an invite, was heartily accepted by Sachin who agreed to play for one over, against the advice of his doctor due to his shoulder injury. 

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What Is The Event?

Most of us are aware of the Australian Bushfire and for those who don’t know, the Australian flora and fauna are under immense threat due to the bushfire that started a long time back and is still continuing. 

Thousands of volunteers from all over the globe are working to help animals stuck in the fire and preserve as much forest as possible. In the same attempt, famous personalities are also doing their bit by donating and urging people to donate towards the cause. 

The match for which Ellyse has invited Sachin is a charity match organized to raise funds for the Australian Bushfire, scheduled to be held in Junction Oval, Melbourne.

While Sachin was already coaching Ricky Ponting’s side of the team, the one-over match during the mid-game interval will help cricketers raise more funds as the dream of hundreds of cricket fans is going to come true.

The women’s cricket team of Australia will first play with the English cricket team and then will move on to play a 10-over charity match at the same venue. 

The match is likely to witness the presence of former and current sports personalities including male and female cricketers and famous footballers. 

The presence of Sachin and watching him come out of retirement, even if only for one over, is going to be a treat for everyone’s eyes. It is likely to increase the audience multi-fold, which will positively affect the success of the charity event.

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Sources: Firstpost, Indian Express, Yahoo

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