‘Ashikon Ke Navratre’, i.e. Valentine’s week is already here. Most people are busy giving gifts to their crushes, love interests and partners but there is a group of people who don’t believe in the concept of Valentine’s Day.

They are part of the ‘‘Forever Single Brigade’ and the organization supporting them is THE BAJRANG DAL… naam toh suna hi hoga.

Bajrang Dal has been the ‘certified’ pyar ka dushman for years. With this fact coming into picture, memers are sure to use it as their meme material for Valentine’s Day Special Edition Memes.

We have compiled some of them for you to have a laugh.

Propose Day Is Here

Play It Safe

Be A Part Of TheChange


Jaadooo Jaadooo Jaadooo Jaadu

Innocence At Its Best

Modi Ji Zindabad ;P

East Or West, Bajrang Dal Is The Best

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Madam Aap Toh Dange Karvayengi

Gulab Hain Toh Kaante Bhi Honge


Bajrang Dal Wants To Know Your Location

Even Girls Won’t Risk It

Guddu Bhaiya Got No Chill

Bajrang Dal Apna Rang Dikha Raha Hai


Badshah Salamat

Hope these memes brought a smile on your face.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

P.S. Beware of Bajrang Dal

Image Source: Twitter

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