The internet is flooded with coronavirus news as well as memes which are super relatable to everyone out there. Since people are spending their precious time in their homes and saving the world, half of the population is making hilarious memes on the virus spread while the other half is enjoying the same.

The threat of coronavirus is weighing on each one of us but the memers are here for our rescue. As always, these hard times are spiced up with killer jokes, viral memes, sarcastic punch lines, and deadly funny quips.

They are making memes as if the responsibility of saving the world is in their hands. And now when the lockdown has extended to 17th May, the need for memes has never been more important.

So, here we present to you the compilation of most hilarious lockdown and social distancing memes that can light up your mood and make your quarantine bearable.

At last, we all know that memes are our only true love. :D

1. When you can’t afford keto diet in lockdown

2. Being a momo lover, can’t relate more

3. We’ll surely celebrate corona mukt divas one day

4. Trying to impress your manager with your confident voice, but…

5. Lockdown na huya UPSC ka exam ho gaya. Clear hi nahi ho raha #lockdown3

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6. Men will be Men

7. Everybody nowadays becoming “prufesnal” chef

8. When lockdown has finally ended but you are still traumatized

9. Next level social distancing… Much needed tho!

10. “Ee gola pe ab humka nahi rehna”

I hope these memes brought a smile on your face. We are all together in this fight and we will surely prevail at the end.

So keep sharing such hilarious memes and spreading positive cum funny vibes

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