The Lock The Box Book Sale Is A Dream Come True For Book Lovers On A Budget

Lock The Box Sale

By Sumedha Bansal

When it comes to books, the thing that usually puts off book lovers is the high price of some books and that they have to select only 1 or 2 ones out of the 10 or 15 that they actually want.

But Lock The Box sale, by Bookchor – an app that allows you to buy, sell, and rent books promises to be a mega treat for bibliophiles looking for amazing deals on the books that have been on their wish list.

With over 90,000 pre-owned books and some pretty sweet deals, this event happening on the first weekend of April will take place in three major cities- Pune, Bangalore and Delhi.

What Is This Event?

The thing that makes this event unique from the rest is that instead of discounts on particular books, you just to make a one-time-payment that will pay for all the books you can carry in a box.

In this book sale, you will be provided with three different sized boxes for which, of course, you have to pay. But here’s the break in the tradition. You just have to pay the cost of the box and then use your wit to fit as many books as you can in that particular box.

Honestly, it’s a new thing for me as I have always seen the stereotype of buying books – 3 for 100, 1 for 100, buying in kilograms or buying from an e-commerce site. But this event is more of like I am in a supermarket filling my trolley with as many products as I can without having to pay for them. And I really like such shopping criterion.

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Given the throwaway prices, it’s a must visit for those of who think that your bank balance can’t support your vociferous reading habit. So don’t let this opportunity go away from you.

There are supposedly 3 box types:

1. The ‘Odysseus’ Box-

Priced at Rs. 999, and can fit in at least 8-10 into this particular box.

2. The ‘Perseus’ Box-

This box as per their page is slightly bigger and can accommodate about 15-17 books. You can buy this for just Rs. 1500.

3. The ‘Hercules’ Box-

If you truly are in a bid to take as many books home as possible then this one costing at Rs. 2499 might be the perfect fit for you. The ‘Hercules’ box truly lives up to its name as it is said to carry an impressive 28-30 books.


1. Pune: 30th March-1st April

Venue: Harshal Hall, Opposite Mc Donald’s, Kothrud, Pune

2. Bangalore: 6th April-8th April

Venue: Sri Gururaja Kalyana Mantapa, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru

3. Delhi: 20th April-22nd April

Venue: King’s Park Street, Tagore Garden Extension, New Delhi

Timings: 9.00 AM – 7.00 PM

This could very well be an excellent opportunity for all the book lovers to experience a totally different way of buying your specific titles. Whether you are a Potterhead or a die-hard member of the Twilight franchise, whether a true demigod or a volunteer for the next Hunger Games, whether a Maze Runner or a soldier in the Game of Thrones and even if you are a non-fiction lover this event surely seems to offer something for everyone.

Really interesting event as it calls us to use our shrewdness in fitting as many books as we can in our boxes. You should also do your homework as to what to buy this season and which box to carry home as well as exercise your muscles well for carrying the heaviest box.

Image Credits: Google Images and Bookchor Facebook page

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