Secret organizations like Freemasons, Priory of Sion and Illuminati exist and have always been a feature of advanced civilizations that seem to be governing the world behind the scenes.

There is also one of the oldest secret organizations in India, “The Nine Unknown Men”, which was founded by the great Mauryan emperor Ashoka in 270 BC. 

The Nine Unknown Men was a secret club that exerted a significant influence in making social, political, economic, and scientific progress.

Ashoka ordered his nine unknown soldiers to always remain secret, and it is believed that they still exist and the secrets and secrets kept have been passed down through generations.

After the battle of the Kalinga War, Ashoka was shaken to the core and decided to practice Buddhism and promoted it practically to other parts of the world.

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Ashoka believed that knowledge is power and prevented people from putting their intelligence into evil and warfare. He realised that it is a herculean task to preserve all knowledge by himself and summoned the 9 most brilliant men from India at that time who came to be known as The Nine Unknown Men.

The identity of these 9 people was kept a secret so that only they could study and develop scientific theories and technology. It was feared that if common people had access to knowledge, it would be a calamity. 

This secret society included subjects from all domains- natural science, psychology, the composition of matter, physics, chemistry, astrology, astronomy, propaganda, microbiology, alchemy etc. 

To accomplish the goals, the nine men were given the task of writing, updating and revising a book. When any one of the nine could no longer carry on the task, whether death, fading health, or wish to retire, the duty was passed on to a successor who was very carefully chosen. 

The point was, the number of members in the society was always to be nine. This society of The Nine Unknown Men has lived on for over 2000 years.

Talbot Mundy, an English writer, influenced by this story, published a book entitled The Nine Unknown Men in 1923. He conducted a lot of research which also included the transcripts that were written by the great Emperor Ashoka himself.

From those transcripts, he concluded and prepared a list of nine books that were allegedly written by the nine men. This list has been accepted generally.

  • Physiology: This book covered physiology and demonstrated how to murder someone merely by touching them, a technique known as “The Touch of Death,” which involves reversing a nerve impulse. It is also said that a leak from this book resulted in the martial art of Judo.
  • Communication: This book included a study of communication methods. He is both a terrestrial and an alien being. The Nine Unknown were aware of aliens and the outside world according to this.
  • Gravity: The secrets of gravity were revealed in this book, as well as detailed directions on how to construct the Vedic Vimana, or simply an aircraft.
  • Microbiology: Microbiology and biotechnology were the focus of this book.
  • Propaganda: This book discusses propaganda and psychological warfare strategies.
  • Cosmology: The study of the universe’s concerns was incorporated into this book.
  • Alchemy: This book was primarily concerned with alchemy and metal transmutation.
  • Light: This book was about the properties of light, such as its speed and how to utilize it as a weapon.
  • Sociology: The subject of sociology is covered in the ninth and last volume. It provided guidelines for society’s progress as well as methods for predicting their destruction.

Other topics include communication in its most advanced form, which apparently also dealt with extraterrestrial communication with aliens and even techniques to defy gravity using physiological phenomena of Laghima. 

The book also talked about psychological warfare that piqued Hitler’s interest and he dispatched numerous expeditions to Tibet and India to gather information. It is suspected that Nazis obtained classified information to manipulate Germans. 

Apparently, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, as well as our very own APJ Abdul Kalam were members of Ashoka’s Nine Unknown Men. 

Regardless of how difficult it seems to believe that such an ancient tribe has been living in secrecy for nearly 2000 years, it is believed that they surface time-to-time and guard secrets forbidden to man.

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