For all our talk about Pride Month and being able to freely express ourselves, we keep regressing with acts that dehumanize our status in the community simply because of our sexual orientation.

A station house officer and a constable in Rajasthan were suspended on Wednesday for their same-sex relationship.

What appears to be violence stemming from homophobia here could also, in fact, be a classic case of extortion and blackmailing. 

According to reports, Gopal Krishna Choudhary, the suspended SHO, has filed an FIR at Khinsvar police station stating that constable Pradeep Chaudhary has been blackmailing him. 

“In the FIR, he accused Pradeep of extorting Rs 2. 5 lakh. Initially, Gopal paid heed to all the extortion demands of the accused, but when Chaudhury asked for Rs 5 lakh and a vehicle, the victim approached me and gave a written complaint,” revealed Nagaur SP Ram Murty Joshi.

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The SHO and constable first met on social media some months ago and it is revealed that they did also share a physical relationship. The relationship progressed and then the constable decided to blackmail, setting up his elaborate honey trap.

Often, middle-aged queer men with ‘social prestige’ become soft targets for blackmailers in India who start bleeding them. 

However, both of them have been suspended regardless of who has been the real victim since it seems to have ‘harmed the force’s image’. 

Despite claims that the decision wasn’t taken because ‘they had a homosexual relationship’ and only to secure the image of the force, the fact that people still attach shame to one’s sexual orientation definitely speaks of where we stand today.

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