This passionate man is a multi-skilled personality who has stunned people as a DJ, music producer, mentor, and more.

July 27: So much has already been spoken about how a few individuals and professionals have worked their way to the top and have gone ahead in taking people by surprise by the kind of massive momentum and growth they have created in their respective industries through their work. It is essential to still hold more talk around these professionals, who have been showing no signs of stopping and have been consistent on their path to self-growth and success. However, there are a few who have gone beyond even this and, through their work, have been impacting the lives of others positively. DJ Harsh Bhutani has been doing exactly that and much more as a versatile talent in the music and entertainment niches.

DJ Harsh Bhutani is one of those rare talents who, instead of only focusing on how far he could reach in his endeavours, also focused on how he could inspire other budding talents in the industry to do the same. He has proved his mettle as a one-of-a-kind DJ, music producer, entertainer, stand-up comedian, and even a mentor to many in the field. This self-driven and determined guy has an experience of more than two decades and today has become a dominant and sought-after name in the music world, craved by many for his incredible musical sets at some of the most happening venues nationally and internationally.

Excelling at mixes and even originals, his sense of beats and synth work have earned him laurels in the industry. The original music vibe that DJ Harsh Bhutani offers people has compelled them to hit the dance floor. Besides this, he even has done exceedingly well in business with his event production and design company, DJ Harsh Bhutani Events and Entertainment, and associating with DJ Mer’c; he initiated H&M Academy, becoming a mentor to all those vying to make their mark as DJs and other music professionals.

DJ Harsh Bhutani (@djharshbhutani) is truly on an unstoppable path to success and still thinks he has just begun.



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